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Start This Year With a New Look From Our North Bethesda Hair Salon

As summer comes to a close, a new school year is just around the corner. But before you hit the books, you’ll want to feel confident with a hairstyle you love. The stylists at our North Bethesda hair salon can help you do just that.

Let’s face it. During the school year, your hair is the least of your worries. That said, you’ll want a haircut for back to school that is low maintenance, easy to style, and makes you feel your best both inside and out. And if you’re in need of some inspo, we’ve got you covered!

At iDENTiTY Salon, formerly known as David’s Beautiful People, one of our most popular services is haircuts and styling. We believe your hair is part of who you are and is an important form of self expression. Regardless of your hair type or texture, there’s a haircut that will allow you to shine from the outside in.

Aren’t sure what look you’d like to go for this year? Here are some haircuts for back to school that we give an A+.

#1 – The Butterfly Cut

Chances are you’ve seen the butterfly haircut all over your FYP, and we predict it’s going to be one of the trendiest styles this season. This ‘70s inspired ‘do uses both short and long layers to give your hair additional movement and volume.

The cut’s short layers hit just below the chin, instantly framing your face and its unique features. Although it complements nearly every face shape, we especially love the butterfly haircut on round and square faces.

This haircut is also incredibly versatile and can be styled however you choose. Wear it long or put your hair up and let the face-framing layers fall for an entirely different look.

#2 – A Shag

If you’re a student who values as much sleep as you can get in the morning, you’ll love what the shag haircut has to offer. It’s a low-maintenance cut that includes choppy layers, wispy bangs, and a whole lot of volume. The best part is, all hair types and lengths can give this fun haircut a go.

Shags create an illusion of thickness, practically transforming fine hair and bringing it to life. At our North Bethesda hair salon, our stylists will cut your layers and bangs in a way that fits your unique face shape and highlights your personal identity. Shags can be styled within seconds, so it’s a great back-to-school haircut when you’re short on time before heading to class.

#3 – Boyfriend Bob

Single or in a relationship, anyone can flaunt a boyfriend bob this school year. Think of this haircut as a blunter, shorter version of a traditional bob with a ‘90s boy band-esque. It usually sits right at jaw length, but can also be left longer to add dimension.

We love the effortlessness of this cut. Unlike the square, structured style of a traditional bob, it’s more natural and fun, giving you a laidback look for back-to-school. Customize the boyfriend bob to fit your face shape, and you’ve got a flattering haircut that matches your individual flair.

#4 – Fringed Short Curls

Your curls are one of your best traits, why not enhance them with a back-to-school cut bound to turn heads? We’re talking about fringed short curls, a haircut that brings your curls to life with layers.

Cut between ear to neck length, this style is paired with fringe to add volume and emphasize your natural curls. Add color at our North Bethesda salon and you’ll have hair that your classmates will definitely be envious of.

Don’t Wait! Schedule Your Haircut for Back to School Today!

At iDENTiTY Salon, our talented stylists can give you a look you love just in time for back-to-school. No matter what chop or trim you go for, you’ll receive a ‘do that’s unapologetically your own.

No embarrassing school photos here! We’ve been helping our clients turn their dream hair into a reality for years now, so we’re familiar with every trick in the book and are always staying up to date on the latest hair trends.

We tailor your haircut to your facial features, vibe, and overall style, guaranteeing it truly represents your individuality. Our stylists take your inspiration and personalize it to fit your identity, creating a fully customized hairstyle that not only looks good, but makes you feel good, too.

And when you arrive for your college cut, don’t forget to stock up for the school year by shopping our shampoo and conditioner liters at 20% off!

Ready to start this school year with a fresh new cut? Book your haircut at our North Bethesda hair salon by contacting us today.