Fun Hair Coloring Ideas To Get Ready For Spring


There is more than one way to pay homage to spring, which is easily one of the most beautiful seasons in Maryland. Between our kite festival, Sakura Sunday (which celebrates the National Cherry Blossom Festival and Japanese heritage), and our many garden shows, there are plenty of things to do on the weekend that put spring at the forefront. But when it comes to dressing for the part of spring, it’s hard to keep up with a wardrobe. Spring still holds claim to variable temperatures, which means even if you have a cute spring top, you might not be able to show it off if it’s too cold.

That’s why we advocate for a change in hair color with spring just around the corner. In the spring, it’s easy to showcase your hair without worrying about covering it up because of the heat or the cold. Better yet, the right color can be like a “spring clean” for your look – giving you the chance to start on a clean slate and reinvigorate yourself after a long winter.

Here are our top hair coloring ideas for spring at David’s Beautiful People.

Sunkissed Beach Blonde

You might not be going to the beach yet, but there’s nothing that says warmer weather is just around the corner quite like beach blonde tresses. The ultimate goal of the sunkissed beach blonde look is to make it look like your hair has been naturally lightened by soaking in rays at the beach. Your salon stylist might do this by texturing your hair and adding highlights, or they might opt to go for a cheeky dark root. Either way, it will look like you got back from a Cabo spring break when we’re done with you!

Go Gray!

We’re not talking about your grandma’s gray color.

Platinum silver has been making waves in the hair coloring industry the past few years, and it isn’t a trend that’s going away. Instead of trying to get rid of grays, people are now embracing the gray color. We believe that platinum silver goes very well with spring colors, like pastels.

Pastel Pink

Pastel hair color has also been quietly sliding its way back into popularity, no doubt as more and more celebrities incorporate pastel hair colors into their looks. Pastel pink is one color we highly recommend for making a splash in spring. A good pastel pink compliments almost any skin tone, and your stylist might even be able to mix up a color that is unique for you. Additionally, it can look sweet or saucy, depending on what outfit it is paired with. If you want to change it up a bit without upsetting your parents at Easter dinner, a pastel pink dip-dye might be a good option for you.

Platinum Blonde/Nordic Blonde

Platinum blonde hair has been in vogue for many years, and it is a relatively under-celebrated pastel color that works well with almost any outfit. Additionally, it is a way to promote your style without potentially overstepping your workplace dress code. Going platinum blonde takes a little bit of extra work, including buying copper tone-erasing shampoos and conditioners, but it’s completely worth it for a beautiful, light color that doesn’t mix it up too much.


However, if you’re in the mood to mix it up, a bold spring color like lilac will do it. Few scents quite encapsulate spring like the smell of lilacs in the air. If you don’t live near a lilac bush, you can recreate the color on your hair. Lilac and violet pastels have been popular for a few years, but they are still staying strong as one of the most popular alternative hair colors on the market. You can stand out and pay homage to spring with a lilac color.

Bold Highlights

Thanks to celebrities like Billie Eilish, bold, chunky highlights are taking off in popularity. Spring is about new beginnings, so if you’re looking to completely refresh your look, a bold bang highlight or crown highlight will give you the young punk edge that so many people now crave.

Coffee Tones

Nothing beats a cup of warm coffee on a cold day, and there are still some cold days during spring. Rich coffee tones are great, warming colors for those with darker hair who might not want to go drastic with their color. When a stylist gives your hair coffee tones, they work to incorporate various lighter brown shades in your dark brown hair, giving your hair a textured but warm and naturally-highlighted look. It’s a little different than your winter hair, but without too much change.

Glimmers of Gold

Not everyone can pull off the full-blonde look. Depending on your skin tone, it can make you appear sick or even just look off-putting. However, everyone can benefit from a little glimmer of gold coloring in their hair, no matter how dark their hair color is. Hints of gold in the hair highlight your hair’s texture, which gives you a stand-out edge. Stylists can adjust the brightness of gold highlights depending on your hair color, and the resulting soft glow reminds us of a warm spring afternoon spent reading a book on the front porch.

Rose Gold

Roses are synonymous with the transition between spring and summer. We can’t say the same about the rose gold hair color, but if one thing is for sure, this increasingly-popular hair color has a lot to say about the season. Its warm tones catch the sun well, and if you plan on being outside a lot during the spring, we highly recommend a rose gold hair color.

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