Hair Care Trends for Fall 2023

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Achieve Healthier, Happier Hair This Season With These Hair Care Tips

Although caring for your hair has always been in style, it’s now more important than ever. In fact, there are countless hair care methods that are currently trending to keep your mane looking its absolute best. Other beauty trends may come and go, but we’re confident that keeping your tresses healthy is a hair trend that’s here to stay.

It’s always a good idea to get a head start on next season’s trends, but sometimes they can be hard to predict. Fortunately, we consider ourselves experts at iDENTiTY Salon, and are dedicated to staying in the know on the hottest trends in hair. Not only do we familiarize ourselves with current trends, but we implement them every day at our salon.

If you’re looking for a way to switch up your hair care routine this season, consider trying out some of the latest trends. Here are some hair care trends we’re loving this fall.

Hydrated Hair

Hydrated hair is important year round, but it’s even more desirable during the cooler months when humidity indoors and out is much lower. As the air gets drier, you’ll want to lock in your mane’s moisture with replenishing hair care products.

Hair masks are the perfect solution. They’re made of ingredients that restore dry, brittle hair by boosting hydration, repairing damage, and adding shine.

You don’t need to apply a hair mask every night, so even those with the busiest schedule can take advantage of this trend. Applying a mask once a week is just enough to hydrate your hair and revitalize its appearance.

Tousled Texture

You can say “goodbye” to your straightener this fall. Texture is trending! Embrace your natural waves and keep your hair healthy all autumn long with high-end hair care products.

Replacing your heat tools with texturizing products will also help strengthen your hair. Heat strips your hair of its natural oils, making it extremely fragile.

For best results, opt for a product made for your specific hair type. You’ll find plenty of options on the shelves of our North North Bethesda salon. Shop creams, sprays, mousses, and more to bring out your hair’s natural texture.


One of the most surprising hair trends currently on our radar are high-quality hairbrushes. If you’re still using the same one you’ve had for years, it’s time for an upgrade.

A good hairbrush does more than just untangle your hair. It provides your entire head with the care it needs by spreading the natural oils from your roots evenly throughout your hair. This can be a game changer for long, curly hair types struggling with dry ends!

Regularly brushing your hair also stimulates your scalp, increasing blood flow and resulting in thicker, healthier-looking hair. Swap your current brush for one with high-grade boar bristles, and watch how your hair improves.

Ditching Harsh Chemicals

As more women are becoming conscious of what they use on their hair, more brands are making the switch to natural ingredients and leaving harmful ones behind. Hair care products with natural ingredients don’t contain any additives, sulfates, or preservatives, and give your hair a sleek, shiny appearance.

Coconut oil, shea butter, rosemary oil, argan oil, seaweed powder, aloe vera, and olive oil are just a few ingredients that work wonders on your hair and its health.

The harsh ingredients used in your everyday products can take a toll on the overall health of your hair, so it’s always a good idea to scope out the ingredient list before making a purchase. Trust us, your hair will thank you for choosing more natural options!

Scalp Care

Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp, which is why scalp care is one of the most important current hair trends at our salon. Including scalp care in your routine will make a huge difference to the look and feel of your mane.

Scalp exfoliation delivers amazing results. It speeds up your scalp’s cell turnover and removes buildup, making it a great way to combat dryness, dandruff, and oily hair.

Next time you’re caring for your hair, don’t neglect your scalp. A healthy scalp is the key to nourished hair.

Check Out the Hair Care Products at Our North North Bethesda Salon

A new season is the perfect time to update your hair care routine and finally achieve your hair goals. By experimenting with new methods and products, you can change the look and feel of your hair in just a few weeks.

At iDENTiTY Salon, you’ll find a selection of high-quality hair care products from top brands. Aren’t sure what’s right for you? Our stylists can recommend products that fit your specific needs and hair type.

To try out the latest trends in hair care, visit our North North Bethesda salon. We can’t wait to see you!