Our 2024 Predictions for Popular Hair Colors in North Bethesda

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With each new year comes a fresh batch of hot hair colors. Whether it’s a redefined version of a classic hue or a unique color combination we haven’t seen before, trending colors provide you with plenty of inspiration to use for your look this upcoming year.

As a team of experienced hair color specialists near you, iDENTiTY Salon is already on the lookout for 2024’s trending hair colors, and what tones and shades will make their way into local salons.

Here are our predictions for 2024’s most popular North Bethesda hair colors.

Golden Blonde

Golden blonde is a classic color that truly never goes out of style. This Barbie-inspired look consists of golden-buttered tones from the root to the tip, creating a flattering color for all seasons.

The warmth of golden blonde makes it a popular choice for light, medium, and medium-dark complexions. Its honey tones also pair well with light eye colors, like blue, green, and hazel.

Caramel Brown

Blondes have more fun, right? According to this year’s hair trend forecast, maybe not. Rich and dark brown shades are going to be all the rage, especially the caramel color we tend to seek when fall comes around each year.

Coloring your hair caramel brown doesn’t mean you have to completely leave your blonde behind. That’s the beauty of this North Bethesda hair color. It’s a versatile, low commitment color that uses a mixture of honey blonde, golden brown, and hints of red to make your individual features pop.

Don’t be afraid to give this autumn-favorite a try any time in the new year. Darker hair can transform your entire look and even make your hair appear healthier!

Cowboy Copper

Cowboy copper, also known as ginger bronde, is a hair color that demands a double-take. First seen on TikTok in fall 2023, this color has made its mark on DC hair salons. And while some internet trends come and go, we predict this color is here to stay.

Cowboy copper is a seamless concoction of leather tones, with hints of both red and brunette hues. Compared to the traditional copper color we’ve grown to love, this color adds depth to the hair with more brown shades.


Recently spotted on the red carpet, midnight is a hair color to keep your eye on in the year ahead. It’s a mysterious and sophisticated hue that enhances even an everyday look.

In some lighting, the hair will look black. In others, you’ll notice hints of brown throughout the hair.

This color is the perfect excuse to join the dark side. Depending on your skin tone, it can create an entirely different vibe. Cool skin tones will notice a more dramatic appearance, while it brings out a softer look for warmer skin tones.

Icy Blonde

Bright, icy blonde had its moment in 2023, and we think its influence will continue into 2024. When it comes to this hair color, there’s a lot to love. Think of icy blonde as platinum blonde’s trendy cousin.

This pale, yet striking color uses cool undertones of blue and violet to add dimension and shine to the hair. The best part is, it looks great on nearly every skin tone.

Make icy blonde your own at our DC hair salon. Pair it with balayage for ultimate dimension, or consider an icy blonde ombre that starts with ashy roots and transforms into frosty tips.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a stunning hair color that will only grow in popularity come 2024. This color is perfect for trendsetters and those eager to try something entirely different with their hair. At iDENTiTY Salon, we especially love the way it complements platinum blondes.

It’s easy to put your personal spin on this trending color. For a bold, eye-catching look, opt for a full head of this sweet rose hue. Looking for something more subtle? Ask your stylist to place it in highlights. You can even try it with balayage or ombre – the possibilities are endless!

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No matter what color or style you desire, our hair color specialists near you can bring it to life. And if you aren’t sure which trending color suits you best, we’ll make recommendations based on your unique features.

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