Hair Coloring

Achieving the perfect hair color is both an art and a science

…and the stylists at Identity Salon have mastered every shade on the color spectrum, no matter how challenging. We’re experts in consulting and helping our clients understand the process of how hair coloring works, setting realistic expectations, and then taking a measured and practiced approach to arriving at your desired shade of blonde, black, red, or brown hair. We can even go for more eclectic colors like pink, lavender, or neon green.

Let your true colors show

Not only will our professional colorists get you to the shade of color you want, but we’ll teach you the proper routine to maintain your hair color and health along with the recommended products you’ll need to use. By coaching you on how to do hair self-care, you’ll also avoid needing to come back prematurely for touch-ups.

Different shades of hair colors

Perfect hair is a moving target and can usually take multiple sessions to get just right, especially if you’re going from very dark to blonde. Radical changes often take a little extra TLC. Not to worry, though. The experts at Identity Salon will guide you through every step of the process until we arrive at your perfect color and cut combo.