Perms & Keratin Treatments

Curly or straight are both great!

At Identity Salon, our stylists can perform your next perm or keratin treatment to get your hair in the exact style you like – either curly or straight – with results that should last for months. We’ve been doing both services longer than most salons in the Washington, D.C. and North Bethesda area, and are willing to take any and all questions during your complimentary consultation.  

Woman receiving perm treatment at salon

Our Specialty Perm Service will lock in those signature waves and curls, shaping your hairstyle with artistic elegance that should hold for months. We can add volume, texture, and body to your hair using a variety of modern techniques that are safe, reliable, and leave your hair in silky smooth condition. At Identity Salon, we have the art of the perm down to a science.   

If you have a more sensitive hair type – not to worry – our stylists are experts in Air Oxidized Perms, which is a modern perming process that was specifically developed for those whose hair is thin, fine, or doesn’t respond well to traditional perming. Air Oxidized Perms – also known as a 24-hour perm – uses an air-drying technique instead of a neutralizer. You’ll still get the curls you want, but the process is much gentler on your hair. If you have fine or delicate hair, speak to your stylist at Identity Salon about getting an Air Oxidized Perm.

Before and after keratin treatment

A nano keratin-based treatment is a highly effective straightening treatment that both adds shine and reduces frizz. This is perhaps the most advanced form of hair straightening treatment our stylists perform. Using only the highest-quality products and hair-friendly techniques, our Keratin treatment can tame literally any hair type whether it’s curly, kinky, colored, damaged, or out-of-control. The end result is perfectly straight and shiny hair that lasts for several months.

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