Waxing & Threading

Perfect brows without the pain

For those looking to get the perfect brows, Identity Salon offers both waxing and threading services that promise to be quick and (relatively) painless. Although you probably see waxing and threading grouped together when looking for ways to beautify your brows, these services are quite different from each other.

Eyebrow waxing

Waxing, of course, uses wax that solidifies on the skin after being applied. Once sufficiently hardened, the brow hairs will be trapped in place and ripped cleanly away. Does it hurt a little? Yes. Will it leave you with perfectly shaped brows? Indeed, it does. It’s also worth noting that Identity Salon uses salon-quality products to make the waxing process as pain-free as possible. 

Threading, on the other head, is a meticulous process that involves pinching and removing eyebrow hairs using a piece of cotton string. Many clients report that this is less painful than waxing, and because there’s also very little contact with the skin, there’s less chance of irritation. Threading can remove single hairs, or a row of them, with precision for shapely, uniform brows.

Eyebrow threading

Level up your eyebrow game!

Reach out to Identity Salon today regarding a consultation for waxing or threading services. One of our experienced salon experts will review your hair and skin type and give you a professional recommendation as to which service is best for you.