Top 3 Trends in Men’s Grooming to Ask Your Hairstylist About


Why Visiting a Salon Near You Is More Than Getting Your Usual Cut

Are you tired of getting the same haircut over and over again? Then it’s time to visit your favorite hair salon in North Bethesda to update your look with the hottest trends in men’s hair and grooming. From custom cuts to getting fuller, thicker hair, see how you can serve a fresh look the next time you leave the salon chair.

1. Get to a Hair Salon to Update Your Look for Something Fresh

Turn heads with a trendy haircut that represents your style. The hottest trends in men’s haircuts include a little bit of everything, but the biggest trend is keeping your style unique to you. If you’re ready to start the year out with a fresh look, check out these top haircuts for men in 2022:

Loose Wave and Tapered

Going all-natural with your hair texture is one of the hottest trends in men’s hair this year. Let your curls loose by leaving your hair long on top and tapering the sides. This haircut works well with all textures and hair types. The best way to keep your mane in top shape is by finding a styling product that’s lightweight and holds curl definition. Ask your hair stylist to give you advice on the best products for your hair.

Short and Spiky

If you’re looking for an enhanced texture that shows your edge, then try a cut that has spikes on top and a clean neckline. This cut works well long or short. However, the trick to pulling off this trendy cut is getting to an expert stylist. An experienced hair stylist can add texture to your hair, without making it look choppy and uneven.

Medium Length for Versatility

Do you like to put in the effort to style your hair every morning? A medium length style is the right haircut for you! You can style this cut multiple ways: slick it back, sweep it to the side, or add volume on top for a more sophisticated look. You can ask your stylist to add texture, fade the sides, or give you edges.

Twists and Curls

A lineup and fade is always a classic cut, but you can make it more modern by going natural. Embrace your tight curls and twists, and let your hairstylist create a custom cut just for your hair texture. Some men look better with long twists or dreads, but you can go for a cleaner look by getting a short haircut. Tight twists and curls require a little more effort to keep healthy, so make sure you talk to a hair salon near you about products that won’t damage your hair.

2. Find a Salon Near You That Offers Waxing for Men

You might think waxing is just for the ladies, but you can get a clean look and super-smooth skin to help you put your best face forward. So, what are the benefits of getting waxed? Check out these fast facts on why you should put down the razor and get to a salon near you for a wax:

Less Regrowth for Smoother Skin That Lasts

Waxed hair doesn’t grow back very quickly, because hair is removed from the root. When you shave, your hairs are cut off at the skin level, which means they’re ready to reappear around 5 o’clock. You can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin for up to four weeks with a professional wax from a salon near you.

Remove Dead Skin to Make Your Skin Glow

Dead skin is a real issue, especially if you deal with acne. A build-up of dead skin cells blocks pores, dulls your glow, and makes your skin feel dry and irritated. Getting a wax from a salon near you removes dead skin with your hair, revealing smooth, glowing skin.

Say Goodbye to Razor Burn and Ingrown Hairs

Perhaps one of the worst parts about shaving is razor burn and ingrown hairs. These two side effects of shaving occur, because shaving causes friction on your skin. This makes your skin inflamed and irritated. Plus, it never really gets a chance to recover, because you need to shave often. With expert waxing from a hair salon, you can avoid shaving and save your skin.

Waxing Gives You Time for Self-Care

Did you know men like to make time for self-care as much as women? Setting aside time to have a professional wax problem areas of hair on your face and neck is a great way to treat yourself and schedule a little time to relax.

Think about adding in a haircut, scalp massage, or another salon service to make your day at the salon complete. Don’t forget to talk to a hair stylist near you about salon products for your hair and skin. That way, you can have a fresh from the salon look every day of the year.

3. Let a Hair Salon Give Your Thinning Hair Some Help

No one wants thinning hair. However the idea of spending thousands of dollars on painful surgery or wearing an uncomfortable wig on a daily basis doesn’t sound right for you. Don’t worry, because Evolve hair solutions is here to help your thinning hair and give you back your confidence.

If you’re dealing with male pattern baldness and thinning hair, Evolve is the perfect way to get a full head of hair that matches your natural color and texture, without a hair transplant. Even better, Evolve hair solutions feel like natural hair, which means you’ll have locks to run your fingers through. Take a look at all the benefits Evolve and get your confidence back:

  • Add volume, texture, and enhance your color without chemicals or surgery
  • Can be worn day and night, without removing
  • Can be washed like regular hair
  • Each Evolve hair solution is unique to you, and provides unlimited options for styling
  • Evolve does not require tape, glue, or adhesives
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and breathable

You can workout and swim with certain textures of Evolve hair solutions. All you need to do is talk to a certified hair stylist near you about your lifestyle during your consultation, and they will pick out a solution from Evolve that’s right for you!

Where Can I Find a Hair Salon in North Bethesda That Can Make Me Feel Like New?

At David’s Beautiful People, we have salon products and services for men that can refresh and update your look like never before. We offer waxing, cuts, color, and are certified in Evolve hair solutions. It doesn’t matter if you have thick or thin hair, our hair stylists are dedicated to providing you with a custom style that will turn heads.

Have a guy that just won’t make time for himself? Get a gift card to David’s Beautiful People and schedule him a service with one of our master stylists. Call us today at (301) 881-2540 or send us a message online to request an appointment. Don’t forget to ask us about custom hair color to enhance your haircut!